All products available in pack sizes to suit your requirements from retail and catering packs, bulk cartons to bulk containers. Cut sizes can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact us for more details.

  Product     Form     Origin
  Apples     Sliced/Diced     Italy, Ireland
  Apricot     Diced     Spain, Greece
  Avocado     Puree     Israel
  Blackcurrant     Strigged     Poland, Hungary
  Blackberry     95% or 70% Whole     Serbia, Poland
  Banana     Diced/Sliced     Costa Rica, Brazil


    Strigged     New Zealand
  Bilberry     Wild     NZ, Scandinavia
  Blueberry     Wild, Cultivated     Belorussia, Canada
  Cranberry     Wild, Cultivated     Belorussia, Canada
  Carambola     Diced/Sliced     Thailand
  Coconut     Shredded     Thailand
  Chestnut     Peeled     Italy, Spain
  Damson     Stone Free     Spain
  Elderberry     Strigged     Poland
  Gooseberry     Brushed     Poland, Hungary
  Guava     Diced     Ecuador, Costa Rica
  Grapes     Flame, Green     Italy, Peru
  Grapefruit     Segments     Israel
  Kiwi Fruit     Sliced     New Zealand, Italy
  Lime     Quartered     Brazil
  Lychee     Pitted     Thailand, China
  Lemon     Sliced     Spain
  Loganberry     Strigged     New Zealand
  Mango     Diced, Puree     Peru, Ecudor, Costa Rica, Brazil
  Melon Balls     Mixed, Cantelope, Honeydew     Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica
  Mandarin     Segments     Spain
  Orange     Segments     Israel
  Pineapple     Tidbits     Thailand, Hawaii
  Plums     Halves     Poland, Bulgaria
  Peach     Diced     Greece, Spain
  Pear     Diced     Bulgaria, Italy
  Papaya     Diced     Costa Rica
  Passion Fruit     Diced     Brazil, Peru
  Redcurrant     Strigged     Poland, Hungary
  Rhubarb     Cut     Poland, Hungary
  Raspberry     95% Whole/Whole & Broken/Gris     Serbia, Hungary
  Rambutan     Stoned     Thailand
  Sour Cherry     Pitted 0.3%     Poland, Serbia
  Sweet Cherry     Pitted 0.3%     Poland, Turkey
  Strawberry     Calibrated, Sliced     USA,Poland, Turkey, Spain

Our complete range is subjected to the most exhaustive
scrutiny to meet all specifications…